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2016 FFLM Audio Draft Sound Files

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FFLM offers an optional, free Audio Draft capability designed for leagues that use the Interactive Draft screen (as opposed to the Batch Entry Draft). If your league gets together in person to draft, this feature may be for you. When utilized, FFLM's Audio Draft accompanies the drafting process with sounds (*.WAV files) announcing the draft picks (player names, teams, etc.) as they happen along with other miscellaneous sound bytes.

Click on the links below to download and install the sound files that your league needs.  If you are asked whether to Open the file or Save it to disk, select the SAVE option and then after it is done downloading you can click on it to install it.

Offensive Players: NFL-OffensivePlayers.exe  (6,355,947 bytes)
This contains all of the Teams, Positions, and other generic sounds. It also contains all of the QB, RB, WR, TE, K, P, and HC players.  All leagues that want to use the audio draft should download and install this file.

Defensive PlayersNFL-DefensivePlayers.exe  (5,843,331 bytes)
This contains all of the DL, LB, and DB players.  It is only needed for leagues that use Individual Defensive Players.

After you install the sound files, they should be in the following folder:
c:\Program Files\FFLM\Sounds\

Then, on the Interactive Draft screen in FFLM, you should set the Sounds folder to:
c:\Program Files\FFLM\Sounds\

Please note:  If you receive a "corrupt install" message then your copy of any of the sound files will need to be downloaded again.  Check the exact byte count for the file and compare it with the information in the table above.

Latest Program Update:
FFLM Version 16.00 (released on JULY 31, 2016)

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