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From helmet to cleats, FFLM has all the features you need to manage your league with ease and flexibility. As a commissioner, it will save you tons of time throughout the season. As a team owner, it will give you access to detailed reports and stats every week throughout the year. Best of all, it's completely FREE to use during the preseason and all the way through Week #4 of the regular season. So you can try it out right now without any commitment -- just visit the download page to give it a test run

FFLM Features Overview


FFLM is a Windows program that allows you (the commissioner) to have complete control over your league. You can keep track of every detail about your league from within FFLM. It will even keep track of your league history for previous seasons. FFLM allows you to run as many leagues as you want, and each league only requires about 500K of disk space.


FFLM can handle almost any type of league you can dream of! It allows up to 64 teams per league, with conferences and/or divisions to separate the teams. It even allows one draft per conference for large leagues. FFLM supports Total Points as well as Head to Head leagues. It allows double headers in the fantasy schedule.


FFLM provides you with access to every statistic you'll need to track for your league. Just click on the Update button to retrieve the stats for each week, and you're all set to go. It comes complete with historical stats for the past 3 seasons, with an option to download 10 years of history! Stats are updated during the games on Sundays, and the final stats are available just an hour or two after each game on Sundays and Mondays.


FFLM has an Interactive Draft screen that is perfect for your league's draft. If you have a computer available at your draft, then use FFLM to keep track of all of the picks as they happen. FFLM can even announce the picks over your computer speakers as the players are selected! You can select Keeper players before the draft starts, and if you have a large league, each conference can have its own draft in FFLM.


FFLM has 100 scoring rules to choose from, so it will support just about any scoring system. You can select one of the predefined scoring systems, or customize your rules as needed.


FFLM has 21 standard reports to choose from, and each report can be customized to look exactly how you want. Reports can be created as standard text files that you can print or send via email. They can also be created as HTML files for use on web sites, or as comma delimited files so you can easily export the data to another program such as Excel. After a report is generated, you can modify it and print it with the built in word processor. You can also automatically send reports to owners via email from within FFLM.


FFLM can generate an entire web site for you automatically, even if you are not familiar with HTML or web pages. FLM also uses the Internet to let you retrieve stat and player updates with ease.


Latest Program Update:
FFLM Version 7.00 (released on March 27, 2007)

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