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FFLM 2007 is now available to download.

Please be aware that 2007 will be the last season for FFLM as a stand alone program! We are in the process of phasing out FFLM and merging it with our on-line system called MyFantasyLeague.com. Since FFLM will no longer be available as a separate option in 2008, we strongly recommend that you use MyFantasyLeague.com this season instead. If you were an FFLM customer in 2007, then the price will be the same for either product. FFLM is $60.00 for the 2007 season, and you can purchase a league on MyFantasyLeague.com for only $60.00 as part of our special promotion for this season if you used FFLM last year.

Why make the switch from FFLM to MyFantasyLeague.com in 2007?

  • Same price as FFLM.
  • Less work for the commissioner to maintain the league.
  • No need to download and install software updates and stats each week.
  • More interactive and fun for the owners with a complete web site for the league including an integrated message board and chat system for trash talking, etc.
  • Live scores with updates every 60 seconds.
  • Access to the league from any location with a web browser. This is especially helpful if you go on vacation during the season or want to access the league from multiple locations on a regular basis like at home and work.
  • Automatic updates of the weekly results for the entire league. All league reports can be viewed on the web right after the games are completed each day. Owners no longer have to wait for the commissioner to generate and distribute the reports each week.
  • The commissioner can still maintain complete control of any option in the league if desired.
  • Scoring rules and other league settings from FFLM can be transferred over to MyFantasyLeague.com.
  • Previous years of history in FFLM can also be transferred over to MyFantasyLeague.com.
  • You can still use FFLM to conduct your draft and then transfer the draft results when youre done.

Click Here for instructions on transferring your league to MyFantasyLeague.com

Latest Program Update:
FFLM Version 7.00 (released on March 27, 2007)

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