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There are two ways to get the FFLM Football Stats...

  1. The best way to get the stats is by using the Automatic Update option.  Just run FFLM and then click on the UPDATE button on the toolbar at the top of the screen.  Then click on the button to retrieve the stats.  This will work for most people, and it is the easiest method.  If you are unable to use the Automatic Update option for some reason, then you need to manually download and import the stats file.  Please be sure to try the Automatic option before attempting to use the manual options.

  2. If the Automatic Update option doesn't work, you can download the stats file yourself.  Use the table below to retrieve the stats for the appropriate week.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to download the file on the left side of the table.  If you are using Netscape Navigator, then download the file on the right side.

    To download the stats file, either shift-click on the link below or right-click on the link and then click on Save Link/Target As to save the file to your PC. Do NOT attempt to unzip the file yourself.  Just save it to your hard drive. Do NOT try to open or run the file.  If you get a prompt asking you what to do with the file, select the option to "Save File". 

    After it is downloaded to your hard drive, use the Manual Update screen in FFLM to import the stats.  Just run FFLM and then click on the UPDATE button on the toolbar at the top of the screen.  Then click on the Manual Update tab at the top.  Then follow the instructions on the screen to select the file and process it.

  3. Click here to see any NFL Stat Corrections for 2006

    Non-ZIP Files
    (IE browsers)
     Version Status / Notes ZIP Files
    (Netscape browsers)
    Week 1 B Week 1 (final) Week 1
    Week 2 C Week 2 (final) Week 2
    Week 3 C Week 3 (final) Week 3
    Week 4 C Week 4 (final) Week 4
    Week 5 C Week 5 (final) Week 5
    Week 6 C Week 6 (final) Week 6
    Week 7 C Week 7 (final) Week 7
    Week 8 C Week 8 (final) Week 8
    Week 9 C Week 9 (final) Week 9
    Week 10 C Week 10 (final) Week 10
    Week 11 C Week 11 (final) Week 11
    Week 12 C Week 12 (final) Week 12
    Week 13 C Week 13 (final) Week 13
    Week 14 C Week 14 (final) Week 14
    Week 15 C Week 15 (final) Week 15
    Week 16 C Week 16 (final) Week 16
    Week 17 B Week 17 (final) Week 17
    Playoffs: Week 18 B Week 18 (final) Playoffs: Week 18
    Playoffs: Week 19 C Week 19 (final) Playoffs: Week 19
    Playoffs: Week 20 C Week 20 (final) Playoffs: Week 20
    Playoffs: Week 21 B Week 21 (final) Playoffs: Week 21
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