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Instructions for Transferring your league from FFLM to myfantasyleague.com

This information should help if you ran a league with FFLM in 2007 and you want to convert the information from that league over to a league on myfantasyleague.com for the 2008 season.

Note that as an FFLM customer in 2007, you can purchase a league on myfantasyleague.com for the discounted price of $60.  Please contact sales@myfantasyleague.com for more info and details.  Also, if you need help transferring your league information from FFLM to myfantasyleague.com, just send an email to support@fflm.com for assistance.  If you send us your current FFLM league file we can even help get you started and transfer the league info for you if needed.

For starters, you need the latest version of FFLM. If you still have an old version of FFLM on your system from last year, then be sure to download and install the latest version of FFLM first.

1. Convert your 2007 FFLM league to 2008

(Note: if your league is already setup for the 2008 season, then you can skip this step)

After the new version of FFLM is up and running, use the File > Open League menu item to open your league from last season. By default, the league would be called league.flm and it would be located in the C:\Program Files\FFLM\ folder. But if you gave it a different name or stored it in a different location, then you’ll have to use the Open League window to navigate to the appropriate file and open it.

If your league is still in the 2007 season, then use the Setup > Next Season menu item to switch from 2007 to 2008.  When you switch seasons, all of your league information, such as the teams, scoring rules and fantasy schedule will be copied from 2007 to 2008 for you.

2. Create a League on myfantasyleague.com

If you haven't created a league on myfantasyleague.com yet, then you need to do that now. It takes just a couple of minutes to go through a quick one screen setup process. Here is the link to Create a New League on myfantasyleague.com. You'll need to enter the League Name and your Commissioner password and email address, along with the number of teams and divisions and some other key items about the league. If you're not sure about an option, just leave it at the default setting.  After you've completed the one page setup process, the next page will show you the league's home page address and the new 5 digit league ID. Be sure to write down and remember that 5 digit league ID!

3. Transfer information from FFLM to myfantasyleague.com

Back to FFLM... Click on the Exchange button on the main screen in FFLM.  Make sure you are in the 2008 season within FFLM (use the Setup > Next Season menu item if needed to switch from 2007 to 2008).  From the Exchange screen, you'll need to enter the 5 digit league ID that was assigned to your league. You'll also need to enter the commissioner password that you used to setup the league. Then click on the Verify button.

Now click on the Export tab at the top of the screen. From here, you can choose to transfer the Scoring Rules, Schedule, Teams, Draft, or Salary information. Please note that anything you transfer will overwrite any existing information on your myfantasyleague.com web page, so be sure to use caution if you use the Exchange option more than once for your league. Click on the blue links to view your existing settings to make sure you aren't going to overwrite any important data.

You may run into problems if you try to transfer the information from work. Some companies have firewalls or proxy servers that will prevent FFLM from being able to contact the myfantasyleague.com site through your Internet connection at work. If that's the case, either try to perform the transfer on your home PC, or send a copy of your league file as an attachment to support@fflm.com and we can transfer it for you.

That's about it. Once you've transferred the information from FFLM to myfantasyleague.com, then you can exit FFLM. You won't need FFLM anymore -- you can just use myfantasyleague.com from this point forward.

Latest Program Update:
FFLM Version 7.00 (released on Mar 27, 2007)

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